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Reporting is an important aspect of test automation because it helps to track the progress, results, and overall effectiveness of the automation process. A good reporting system can provide valuable insights and help to identify areas of improvement, as well as highlight successes and achievements.

Here are a few specific reasons why reporting is important in test automation:

  • It helps to ensure that the automation process is running smoothly and efficiently, and can identify any issues or problems that may arise.
  • It allows stakeholders to track the progress of the automation process and understand how it is contributing to the overall testing efforts.
  • It can provide valuable data and metrics that can be used to optimize and improve the automation process over time.
  • It helps to identify trends and patterns that may not be immediately apparent from looking at individual test results.
  • It can help to build confidence in the automation process by providing a clear and transparent record of its results.


In Boozang we always generate screenshots for all action failures resulting in a element validation error or a failure to locate an element.


Except for screenshots generated by errors, there are times where you explicitly want to make a screenshot, for instance to provide evidence of a test running successfully. You do this with the function $util.attachScreesnhotToReport.

00:03 Screenshots are crucial for troubleshooting test failures.

00:31 Creating and using screenshots and evidence

01:04 New function to attach screenshots to reports

01:31 Using screenshots and evidences for test actions

02:03 Boozang feature: Screenshots & Evidences

02:34 Boozang's X-ray capability allows detailed test result analysis

03:06 Boozang allows adding reference and full screenshots for successful and failed steps

03:39 Boozang allows adding evidence screenshots and reference test steps for failed validation.

Trend Reports

It's also important to be able to see how tests behave over time. You can access this report either from the Report view, or using the sidebar link in the test: Check Result Trends

00:03 Improvement in reporting

00:22 Boozang introduces Trend Reports feature

00:35 Introducing Trend Reports tab

00:48 Boozang Trend Reports provide insights on test changes over time

01:04 Boozang Feature: Trend Reports provides performance trend analysis.

01:18 Improving data mining with tests

01:35 Boozang Trend Reports allow sharing and downloading

01:52 Boozang Trend Reports are useful for analyzing testing trends.