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You can add notes to a test step, by clicking "Set notes / Todos" in the Action Details view. A note will show up as a blue badge in the action list, while a TODO will show up as a red badge. These can be very useful when leaving unfinished testwork, especially when working in teams.

00:03 Boozang allows leaving notes and todos in projects.

00:25 Creating and recording a test in Boozang for programming

00:50 Boozang Feature: Notes and Todos demo on

01:12 Adding notes in Boozang

01:32 Boozang Feature: Notes and Todos enables marking notes and todos for easy navigation.

01:58 Create and prioritize urgent to-dos

02:20 Boozang allows users to create notes and todos within the testing progress.

02:46 Boozang allows leaving notes for test cases

Execute as single action

Boozang default execution mode is Execute as single action. That means that form fills and similar actions are executed in groupwithout communicating with the IDE. This greatly speeds up test execution, but in some particular cases you might want to disable this.

To make sure an action is executed in isolation, simply go to Action Details / ... (three dot menu -> Non-rapid action

00:03 Execute as single action speeds up tests

00:37 Demonstrating form fill and default data binding

01:12 Executing actions individually vs. as single action

01:51 Enabling single action execution speeds up test execution.

02:26 Boozang allows disabling actions to customize test execution.

02:56 Executing as a single action to speed up tests

03:29 Changing default behavior to not execute a single action

04:07 Execute as single action for faster tests


In data-driven testing, we support the keywords "bz-skip" and "bz-stop" to be able to trigger conditional functionality based on data. This mans as soon as a parameter is being sent with these keywords, a specific behavior is triggered.

As soon as "bz-skip" occur the test will skip without generating a failure.

If "bz-stop" occur the all upstream tests will stop without generating an error.

00:02 Boozang provides strong support for robot process automation.

00:20 Using automation tool to address API issues

00:35 Improved CSV view for better presentation

00:56 Boozang now allows selection of data start and end index for running tests.

01:10 Boozang introduces loop data view for better visualization.

01:29 Loop data view shows processed data and generates report

01:46 Boozang feature: Loop data view allows adding an unlimited number of columns with statuses.

02:04 Boozang feature allows loop data view for robot process automation.

Identify Loading Status

In many applications there are loading indicators, such as spinners, to show the the application is not done rendering.

Boozang supports automatically waiting for these elements to disappear before proceeding with the testing.

As this is a global project setting, it increases test stability and means you can avoid increasing custom time-outs for many actions.

You can set this in: Settings / Content Policy / Identify Loading Status

00:01 Automatically wait for loading elements

00:21 Global setting for test execution timeouts

00:39 Troubleshooting with Google Chrome Console

00:53 Boozang allows pausing the application and capturing loading elements.

01:13 Capturing loading elements can be tricky

01:45 Using the typography root to capture the h5 element.

02:03 Using the display block and selector for loading

02:24 Automatic waiting for loading element