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Introduction to data types

00:03 Boozang supports many different data types for creating reusable tests.

00:29 Data can be defined on three different levels

00:55 Adding and experimenting with different data types

01:21 Pairs and CSV data are loopable data types for storing and managing data.

01:53 Matrix data is similar to CSV with a primary key.

02:25 Boozang allows fetching data from external sources

02:52 JavaScript to generate data and properties for single named value pairs

03:21 Arrays in Boozang are powerful and easy to use

Data is used to be able to create data-driven tests. This means that a test that takes data as input (for instance: "Login" or "Create Project") can be re-used for different data sets. Data handling is at the core of Boozang, and a large variety of data types are supported.